Sweet Country

An outstanding Australian Western about the brutal racism toward Indigenous people.

Wild Horses

Some strong acting in this modern Western wasn’t enough to save the puzzling script.

Comanche Moon

Val Kilmer and the cast of talented Native actors can’t save the terrible pacing.

The Missing

An easy-watching Western that’s just dark and different enough.

Hour of the Gun

It hurts to say it, but this is a terrible James Garner Western.

Django Unchained

A ‘SouthWestern’ for people who love awesome storytelling AND fantastically graphic gunfights.


Dark, brutal, and extremely hard to watch – but absolutely worth it.


A powerful Western for the ages. All of them. Especially if you’re feeling your age right now.

Jane Got a Gun

Unflinching action AND heartbreaking drama in one thrilling Western story.


Despite some great performances by awesome Canadians, this Western doesn’t fully satisfy.


There’s literally a bit of everything in this brilliant Western, and it’s a win.

3:10 to Yuma

One of the most powerful modern Westerns out there.