Deadwood: The Movie

Complete your obsession with Deadwood, but don’t expect the movie to make up for a fourth season.

Deadwood Season 3

A disappointing season by Deadwood standards, but it’s still great TV.

Deadwood Season 2

The most brilliant TV Western of all time continues in its poetic genius.

Comanche Moon

Val Kilmer and the cast of talented Native actors can’t save the terrible pacing.

Deadwood Season 1

Deadwood might just be the best TV show of all time. It’s really that good.

Dead Man’s Walk

This is one sequel that beats the original – but get ready to feel all the feelings and see lots of death.

Maverick Season 1

If you love James Garner, get in on this brilliant black-and-white gift from the Western gods.

Lonesome Dove

Some great moments if you have the attention span, but it’s not my favourite.