It’s really damn hard to find Western movies with strong female leads! Or strong women at all.


I should know – I’ve spent a lot of money buying all the movies and TV series I found in other people’s lists of the best women in Westerns.


I’m not saying women aren’t PRESENT in the most popular Westerns. There’s always a love interest (or two), right? A saucy dame to get two men fighting. A delicate wife to leave behind on the adventure. A gaggle of girls in a whorehouse. Women are everywhere in Westerns, they just aren’t often in the juicy roles.


Those frontier women had to shoot, build, cook, sew, work with livestock, and deal with unimaginable hardships – and many had to also do all of that for an entire family. They deserve mad respect.


If you look hard enough, there ARE Westerns that do their female characters justice. Here’s my roundup of the best women in Western movies and TV. They’re in no particular order, and I’ll keep updating this list as I build my collection.


photo of five DVDs with women on the covers

The Best Women in Westerns

1. Sharon Stone in The Quick and the Dead (1995)


Now, I meant it when I said this list isn’t in order. But if it was, Sharon Stone would probably still be in my number-one spot.


She is everything you could possibly want in a badass Western female lead. The Lady is fierce but flawed, she wears appropriate attire for riding and gunfighting, she rarely smiles, and she’s loyal AF. Stone also hand-picked director Sam Raimi and costar Russell Crowe, and paid Leonardo DiCaprio’s salary out of her own pocket – she helped make this gem of a movie happen. I would pay anything to see her in another Western.



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2. Joan Crawford in Johnny Guitar (1954)


The title should have been ‘Vienna’, because Joan Crawford plays the lead and she f*cking owns the movie – just like her character runs a saloon and commands half the town. Crawford doesn’t waste a moment of screentime, always passionate, always simmering with a fiery intensity.



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3. Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit (2010)


Before she was dazzling us with her vocals in Pitch Perfect 2 and on her own albums, Steinfeld wowed the world as the no-nonsense Mattie Ross, on her mission to avenge her father and kill Tom Chaney. Steinfeld should have won more of the awards for which this performance got a nomination, because the movie couldn’t have been so awesome without her.



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4. Robin Weigert in Deadwood (2004-2006, 2019 movie)


Weigert’s Calamity Jane is a masterpiece. You can try to fight me on that, but I won’t budge. By season 3, Deadwood’s Shakespearean dialogue became incomprehensible, but you could only understand half of what Weigert slurred anyway. She’s f*cking brilliant.



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5. Katy Jurado in High Noon (1952)


Not only was Jurado one of the first Mexican women to ever be cast in a Western, but she’s stunning in this surprisingly powerful female role. Helen Ramírez is a business owner, she regularly puts men in their place, AND she is shown as vital help to the hero. This movie is a must-see.



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6. Rosamund Pike in Hostiles (2017)


Rosalee Quaid is a true survivor, and Pike brings it on every level. You watch her suffer horrific incidents and feel every bit of her pain in this performance. The movie is hard to watch for many reasons, but you absolutely have to see it.



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7. Jodie Foster in Maverick (1994)


Annabelle Bransford is devious and duplicitous, and Foster is damn delightful to watch in this role. She delivers on charm, grace, and a thoroughly enjoyable stream of one-liners and burns on Mel Gibson’s Maverick.



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8. Merritt Wever in Godless (2017)


Don’t get me wrong, Michelle Dockery was great as the lead in this TV series. But Wever stands out in her performance as the tough, tomboyish Maggie. She’s the one getting shit done at every point in the story, but she also has a soft, subtle queer storyline.



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9. Doris Day in Calamity Jane (1953)


Who says you can’t be perky, cute as a button, and also a strong female lead? Doris Day’s Calamity Jane is loyal, determined, and a joy to watch. From her physical comedy to her impressive singing and choreography, I could watch her on any type of day and it would make me giddily happy.



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10. Natalie Portman in Jane Got a Gun (2015)


Although I didn’t love this movie, I thought Natalie Portman was outstanding. Her portrayal of Jane Hammond is equal parts capable and vulnerable, and she delivers these moments of emotion that are so raw you will be dragged through all of the feels.



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11. Virginia Madesen in Crossfire Trail (2001)


This one is an interesting pick because a) it’s a made-for-TV movie that too many people have never heard of, and b) Madsen’s character isn’t as overtly bold as the others on this list. Heck, the only clip I could find with her in it is the movie trailer. But she isn’t a delicate waif, and she shows that she’s got as much sand as the rest of them in the end.



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12. Thandiwe Newton in Westworld (2016)


Even though Dolores is the main host and also a strong female character, Newton’s performance as Maeve steals the show. She is so rich and layered, so much more interesting, and somehow more relatable. Honestly, I would watch a show that’s just about her world.


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13. Carolyn Jones in Last Train from Gun Hill (1959)


If you loved her as Morticia Addams, you’ll absolutely enjoy Jones here as Linda. She’s no delicate flower, although Jones still radiates femininity. She’s smart, fearless, and crucial to the story. The whole movie is great, you absolutely need to see it.


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14. Annette Bening in Open Range (2003)


Bening’s performance as Sue Barlow feels so completely REAL. She’s not out kicking ass, but she radiates this quiet intelligence and strength that a frontier woman would need to get by. I don’t know what else to say except that she’s perfect.



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15. Laura San Giacomo in Quigley Down Under (1990)


I originally had San Giacomo in the Honorable Mentions list, but my fiancé convinced me to bump her up. Yes, most of her performance as Crazy Cora is varying levels of kooky comedy. But that’s the character – a front to hide her pain, which she does reveal.



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16. Paula Malcolmson in Deadwood (2004-2006, 2019 movie)


There’s NO WAY I could leave Trixie off this list. She starts out as Swearengen’s favourite whore, but right away you see that fire. Over three seasons and right to the final scene of the movie, Malcolmson takes Trixie on a captivating arc from damaged goods to a capable leader – without ever compromising her volatile, foul-mouthed charm.


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17. Anjelica Huston in Buffalo Girls (1995)


This one is tough for me because Huston does a fantastic job with her take on Calamity Jane. She’s also a colourful character – awkward, funny, and brave. If you haven’t read the book, you’ll love her in this miniseries. But they changed her character so much from the book I can’t truly love it. Still, worthy of this list. (Couldn’t find a better quality clip to share.)



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18. Marlene Dietrich in Destry Rides Again (1939)


Dietrich’s Frenchy exudes confidence and power. She may fall for the man, but she never compromises herself to do it. This is a surprisingly feminist Western for the ‘30s – all of the female characters are depicted as strong – and whether she’s drinking, singing, or brawling, Deitrich is a lot of fun to watch.



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19. Hilary Swank in The Homesman (2014)


As hard as this Western is to watch, and as many trigger warnings as it needs – Swank does a fantastic job. Mary Bee Cuddy is almost off-putting in her determination, but she has this undercurrent of rising panic and hopelessness that sucks you in. She’s not a relatable character or one you want to be, but it’s a scarily good performance.



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20. Kelly Reilly in Yellowstone (2018-present)


She may be blunt, and at times cruel, but Beth Dutton IS essential to the Yellowstone story. She’s one of my favourite characters and you can’t argue that she’s a powerful female character. Reilly excels at saying and doing shocking things without ever abandoning Beth’s trademark semi-inebriated, dead-eyed facial expression.



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Honorary Mentions

These women in Westerns made a powerful impression, and are definitely worth a watch. They just had a smaller role or weren’t quite as strong as those in my main list, in my humble opinion.


You might think they deserve to be on the winners’ list. If you want to defend your favourites, get into it with me on my Facebook group! Convince me to bump them up.


I’ve reviewed all of these next Westerns too, I’m just getting tired of adding links to this damn post so you can use the search box in the upper corner to read more.


  1. Kerry Washington in Django Unchained (2012) – a riveting performance, but her character isn’t in much of the movie
  2. Jane Fonda in Cat Ballou (1965) – Fond does well with the character, but the role isn’t as strong as the winners on this list and she’s overpowered by Lee Marvin
  3. Irene Bedard in Into the West (2005) – Margaret Light Shines is a strong Indigenous character, and one of the ONLY characters worth watching in this entire miniseries
  4. Madeline Kahn in Blazing Saddles (1974) – hilarious and definitely worth watching, but she’s not a main character and the original Dietrich version wins
  5. Joan Hackett in Support Your Local Sheriff (1969) – Hackett has great physical comedy, the character is just a bit playground-level immature in her crush
  6. Ruby Dee in Buck and the Preacher (1972) – great performance, and an unquestionably strong character, the part was just really small
  7. Mercedes McCambridge in Johnny Guitar (1954) – powerful acting, just a slightly smaller and less captivating role than Joan Crawford’s
  8. Isabella Rossellini in Wyatt Earp (1994) – she does an excellent job as Big Nose Kate, she’s just not in much of the movie
  9. Jennifer Landon in Yellowstone (2018-present) – another case of a powerhouse performance and badass character, Teeter is just a smaller role
  10. Lainie Kazan in Lust in the Dust (1984) – she’s the only reason to watch this movie, but you can’t argue that she’s a strong woman in a Western
  11. Tantoo Cardinal in Godless (2017) – Cardinal is brilliant in every tiny role she’s given, but here she’s a tough older Indigenous woman with more sense than most of the town


There you have it – my roundup of the best women in Western movies and TV shows.